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A BUGS LIFE (woodworm)

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Woodworm are larvae of a number of species of beetle that feed on wood before pupating and emerging from the wood as adult beetles in order to mate and reproduce.


The damage that they cause to timber varies greatly depending on factors such as the species of the woodworm involved, temperature and moisture content of the timber.

  1. The stage to deal with woodworm is to identify the species.
  2. Is the infestation still active( inactive infestation do not need treatment)
  3. Are the affected timbers structurally sound?
  4. Woodworm infestation should only be dealt with by a specialist contractor such as us particular when woodworm such as House Longhorn Beetle is identified.
  5. Furniture Beetle can usually be dealt with by using the envelope treatment, most woodworm found in timbers penetrates deep into the timbers the envelope treatment only penetrates 1-2mm into the timbers, so this treatment will not kill all of the woodworm but will prevent the adult beetles from emerging from the timbers in order to mate and reproduce. This breaks the life cycle of the beetle so causing the infestation to stop over a period of time.
  6. Finally woodworm treatment should only be carried out on timbers that are structurally sound until the woodworm have been completely eradicated, timbers that are not structurally sound should be removed, and replacing with pre-b treated timbers.