About Geoff

Builders Hampshire

Geoff has been around old buildings all of his life from growing up in the old properties to restoring them as a living.geoff

Geoff started his career as an apprentice plasterer at Brighton College and after five years he completed his apprenticeship and then went on to study architectural surveying.

One of his first projects was the aftermath of the fire at Winsor Castle, working with the project team in the restoration of the complete re-build of the entire estate.

This extraordinary experience started Geoff’s journey of restoration of old buildings.

He started his own company in the late eighties working on period buildings across the south of England, also France, and Spain.

In the nineties he founded Geoff Guildford and Associates working on some of England’s most historic listed buildings with a mobile freelance team of artisan, craftsmen and women which some still work with him. He has brought some eight apprentices through the company which have gone on to start their own heritage companies.

Today he has a small team of four, a master plaster, two decorators and a stone mason. Geoff also has a team of thirty plus mobile freelancers of all trades which have worked with Geoff for more than thirty years.