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This website is dedicated to providing help and advice for old properties. If you live in an old property or you are about to buy one, we have the experience to help you with any problem of damp proofing, traditional plastering, painting or decorating your property might need in the Hampshire region and across the UK. Geoff Guildford and Associates can offer a solution to many existing or for coming problems of damp in Hampshire, we can carry out a full damp and condition survey on Listed Grade 1 Grade 2* or Grade 2 or lovely old Victorian Terrance house you might live in. Have a look at our Damp Surveys Hampshire section and give us a call for help and advice anytime we would love to hear from you. We have meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of old properties, from the first damp survey we carry out to any plastering or decorating work that you might require, all the way to completion.

Is damp a problem on your property that needs a survey or plastering/decorating?

Flaking plaster, blown plaster, cement render falling away, paint bubbling and flaking off walls. Wallpaper that shows sign of mould. Condensation around windows and corners of rooms, cold walls, mould in bathrooms etc. We can help. You do not have Rising Damp. These words are a myth. You can try our chartered surveyors in Worcestershire because we have a sensible solution. Firstly no injections nor chemicals we do not believe in this method. Misdiagnosis of damp problems is just a way of selling thousands of pounds of damp proofing plaster. This will only stop the damp in one particular area of your property. You have to investigate the reason “why” your property has a damp issue and stop the problem first or it will just return to a new area. We carry out a full survey (not just a couple of hours) which will take as long as it takes to find the source of your properties damp.

Damp Surveys Hampshire

Damp Surveys Hampshire

Builders Hampshire Survey

The survey is a 12 – 20-page document that you can use with any builder, buildering society or bank of your choice. We find the damp problem first by investigating your property, this could include taking humidity readings, inferred imaging, plaster supply testing for moisture, lifting of floorboards, loft inspection, water tank check, lifting of main holes, drain tests, roof and gutter tests, downpipes, chimney stack, the list goes on and on. Until we find the reason the property has a damp issue. We then can produce the survey report for you with no obligation. Then provide you with a plan to move forward. For example, we use an air circulating pump and vents to reduce condensation resulting in a breathable property. Crafting our experience of traditional materials and methods we can return your property back to a breathable, warm and cosy home without the use of any chemicals.
(Please have a look at our video on damp)

How we work

Geoff leads every project (He is apprenticing trained Master Plasterer/Decorator and Damp Surveyor) and has a floating population of artisan craftsman and women, which have been working with him for many years.
We are based in our workshop in Hampshire. We cover all areas of the south of England from London down to Devon on projects from early medieval stone cottages to Edwardian townhouses, barns, Churches, manor houses, lodges every kind of property that you could think of we have resolved a damp problem, without using those misleading chemical injections. If you require a damp surveyor advice on plastering or decorating, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@dampproofingspecialist.com or call us on 07387977821. Let’s work together in the restoration of old properties, to pass them on to the next generation.